Digital Images of Mutants

Keith Robison robison at nucleus.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 13 10:34:01 EST 1994

Philip Mcclean (phil at beangenes.cws.ndsu.nodak.edu) wrote:
:  Where can I obtain digital images of Drosophila mutants? FlyBase?  If 
: so, how do I logon onto FlyBase?  I have X-Windows capabilities so that
: is no problem.

FlyBase is available on the IUBio gopher/ftp server


There are some images there, but I don't know if they are mutants.

A number of Drosophila labs are now on the WWW -- so get yourself
Mosaic and look at 
<a href="http://www-leland.stanford.edu/~ger/drosophila.html">
	The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Drosophila </a>

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