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jbuberel at uiuc.edu (Jason L. Buberel) writes: 

>Micosoft couldn't design a human-computer interface if their lives
>depended on it.  Have you ever tried using windows?  If you go from 
>a Mac to usign Windows, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If 
>think their products stink, which I do, look at WordPerfect 3.1, or the
>new release of Nisus Writer.  Both provide excellent interfaces, far
>superior performance, and you don't feel guilty about supprting such an
>Orwellian company.  :-)
>Jason L. Buberel
>Graduate Student
>Nueroscience Pgm
>U of Illinois-UC

I think you are exactly backwards in your analysis of Microsoft software 
products, the first evidence of which is your referral to the company as 
Orwellian.  Unfortunately, people like yourself constantly complaining 
about Microsoft is the reason that there are rumors floating around 
about monsters in the dark, and Gates' obsession to conguer the 

I worked for Microsoft, as a member of the start-up team, and have used 
their products for years.  I have tried many other products because my 
position provides me with sample copies of most new products.  If any 
company in the software business is Orwellian, it is not Microsoft, but 
Apple.  Just ask any Apple employee.  Use your mind and all your senses 
for analysis, not just your eyes and ears, and all of us would be 

The fact is that the reason Microsoft is the largest and most successful 
company in the computer industry is because Microsoft customers made 
them number one.  The fact is that Microsoft products work and work well 
together.  No other software house in the business has ever had a more 
successful suite of products.  The fact that computer software today is 
much more powerful and less expensive is a direct result of the efforts 
of Microsoft and their effect on competition.  

If an Apple user has even one problem with a computer it is always the 
fault of Microsoft.  If Microsoft did not exist, Apple would not have 
been able to bring a computer to market.  When I started at Microsoft, 
Apple software was all they marketed to the public.  The Windows 
interface, as well as the Word interface are the result of an effort to 
please most of the people most of the time.  That effort is obviously 
successful because they have most of the customers - if you don't like 
the interfaces, use somebody else's creation and leave the rest of us 
alone with your blather.  I'm sick of yours and all the other postings 
like yours.  Go away!

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