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> I think you are exactly backwards in your analysis of Microsoft software 
> products, the first evidence of which is your referral to the company as 
> Orwellian.  Unfortunately, people like yourself constantly complaining 
> about Microsoft is the reason that there are rumors floating around 
> about monsters in the dark, and Gates' obsession to conguer the 
> universe.

Next you're going to deny that he buys out small software companies
and products that might make Microsoft software look bad.
> The fact is that the reason Microsoft is the largest and most successful 
> company in the computer industry is because Microsoft customers made 
> them number one.  The fact is that Microsoft products work and work well 
> together.  No other software house in the business has ever had a more 
> successful suite of products.  The fact that computer software today is 
> much more powerful and less expensive is a direct result of the efforts 
> of Microsoft and their effect on competition.  

Or because MIS blindly buys one type of software rather than
choosing for themselves.

> If an Apple user has even one problem with a computer it is always the 
> fault of Microsoft.

Heh heh. It's Apple's fault that Microsoft programmers NEVER follow
Apple's programming guidelines!

Rather amusing that when the PowerMacs came out, most shareware
ran just fine since the little guys always follow SANE.

Next you're going to deny that Microsoft adds more wait loops
to Mac software so it will always run faster on Wintel platforms. :-)

> I'm sick of yours and all the other postings 
> like yours.  Go away!

You better get back to the decaff! :-)


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