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> Only a handful of programs are taking advantage of the "native mode"
> of the PowerPC chip so far.  But this will quickly explode. 

My last version of MacMall listed 60 PowerPC native programs within the
first 10 pages of the magazine.  This includes every major word processors
and all the productivity software that I could think of.  Most of them,
however, fall into one of the following categories:  Graphics Editing &
Page Layout, 3-D Rendering, Math/Statistics.

> There is
> somewhere near a 10x speedup on some, such as the Strata Studio
> graphics rendering software.  Also, I only know of software that
> emulates a 386pc right now.  But I have heard that a hardware board
> with a real 486 chip will plug in to the Power Mac 6100 (only) and
> cost about $800.  Not bad if it can work as advertised, using all the
> same hardware peripherals for PC applications.  Hopefully I'll be able
> to evaluate one soon.
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