The SIMTEL for Sale - 2 CDs with the BEST Shareware.

ivor at interlog.com ivor at interlog.com
Fri Dec 9 22:38:43 EST 1994

   The SIMTEL Archive for Sale - 2 CD-ROM disks of Shareware

    The Largest Shareware Archive - released September 1994 

       	       Only $39.95 US  or  $49.95 CAN

  - 10,000 MS-DOS and Windows shareware programs on 2 disks.
  - Disks contain utilities, communication programs, BBS's editors,
    documentarion, programs for the handicapped, genealogy, database
    software, animation software, BBS programs, books and documentation,
    communication packages, etc.
  - Many programs contain source code.
  - A wealth of programming tools for many languages including C,
    Assembly and Basic (there's a great 32 bit C++ compiler).
  - There is a huge number of programs for Windows including the Telix
    version for Windows.
  - There are no games.
  - User friendly browser.
  - BBS Discription files included.

If you are interested, please E-Mail: ivor at interlog.com  for ordering

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