PowerPC performance

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Thus, for very CPU-intensive tasks,
> the 80 Mhz PowerMac performs about 75% as well as an IBM RS/6000 model
> 370.  I suspect that performance scales well with clock speed on the
> MacPPC, so that the ~$2500 model 7100 (66 Mhz) would be equivalent to
> about 60% of a 370 (a 62 MHz chip set) at about 10% the price.
> Bill Pearson

Thanks for the programming tip. I have had similar experiences where
the speed-up over 68K versions of the code was not great, but it
usually turns out that the code needs to be modified somewhat to
take advantage of native PPC Mac Toolbox routines. A program can
really fly if one is able to take advantage of the chip. I am still
puzzled over one of those situations now involving colored text
display. In your case, the Mac way to control ChkEvent() frequency 
might be something like a slidebar in your "Preferences..." dialog box, 
which controls whether events get checked frequently, infrequently, or 

Doug Eernisse
DEernisse at fullerton.edu

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