Computerized Interactive Neuroanatomy Atlas

MedMult medmult at aol.com
Thu Dec 8 12:45:11 EST 1994

Our company (Medical Multimedia Systems) recently exhibited our
computerized interactive human neuroanatomy atlas Brainiac! at the Society
for Neuroscience Meeting in Miami. We received many requests from
attendees for a similar computerized rat atlas, and we would like to know
how much interest there would be in such a product. 

If anyone is interested, our interactive neuroanatomy atlas Brainiac! runs
under Windows 3.1 on IBM PC compatible computers (Mac version should be
available within 6 months), and a demo can be obtained as follows:

FTP site:
ftp.bio.indiana.edu  the files are located in the /biology/ibmpc directory
and are called brainiac-demo.txt and brainiac-demo.zip Be sure to set the
transfer protocol to BINARY before getting the .zip file. You must
uncompress the demo using pkzip version 2.04g (earlier versions of pkzip
will NOT work and you will get errors during uncompression).  Once
uncompressed, start Windows and run the install.exe program.

The demo is located in the Student Library in the Medical Special Interest

America Online:
Do a file search for Brainiac

The demo contains five fully functional screens from the program. The full
version contains 50+ screens. We are always receptive to comments on how
we can improve Brainiac! as well as ideas for other products that would be
useful in biomedical education.

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