modelling on Power Mac?

Justin Diachun diachun at arris.com
Tue Dec 6 21:34:21 EST 1994

In article <3bn8vj$g3u at mercury.interpath.net> morgan at mercury.interpath.net (Morgan Ryan) writes:
>I just traded up my Mac to a 6100 PowerPC. Nice! But suddenly I have only
>one working molecular graphics program, RasMol, which has a native PPC
>version. MolView and MacMolecule are amazingly slow in emulation on the
>PPC (The PPC has its own math coprocessor, but it doesn't coprocess when
>emulating 68k...even speedy little MacMolecule takes minutes to come up). 
>	Do I have any other options? Has anyone ported MolScript to PPC? 
>Are there any other programs available that I don't know about? (I've 
>read the faq's and gone to NIH etc. I'm wondering if there is something 
>newer around that hasn't been inserted in the usual online guides.)
>	Also, is there a freeware modeller in existence that works like
>Ball-and-Stick? I'm just a hobbyist--can't afford lots of money for
>molecular software. What do people put on the well-equipped freeware Mac
>molecular graphics machine besides RasMol, MolView, MacMolecule and 
>MacBabel? Anything? Thanks. Morgan Ryan / morgan at mercury.interpath.net

I have almost the exact same question, and a flyer on a new product.
Has anyone gotten anything from the Molecular Applications Group?
They list packages called Look (proteins), SegMod (homology), and
MacImdad.  The MacImdad product looks interesting.  It claims to have
a compressed PDB database that can be searched to pull up structures.
It is also available on PowerPC and other Mac systems.  They offer a
free demo disk that I have asked for.  The ad reads "Display - Analyze
- Print" so I guess it is in the RasMol field of applications.  I
would like to hear how this product compares to anything else on the

I have the following contact information on the flyer:
   Molecular Applications Group
   445 Sherman Avenue, Suite T
   Palo Alto, Ca 94306
   toll free: 1-800-229-7382 (USA only)
   phone: 415-473-3030
   fax:  415-473-1795
   email: info at mag.com

disclaimer: I have no affiliation with MAG or knowledge of the product.
            I am simply looking for unbiased 3rd party opinions.

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diachun at arris.com
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