[wanted] computer dictionaries, biology, ecogoly, zoology...

Georg Fuellen fuellen at techfak.uni-bielefeld.de
Wed Dec 7 07:28:02 EST 1994

Re: [wanted] computer dictionaries, biology, ecogoly, zoology...

A small Molecular Genetics glossary is at http://www.gdb.org/Dan/DOE/prim6.html
It is part of the document http://www.gdb.org/Dan/DOE/intro.html

Primer on Molecular Genetics 
(Department of Energy)
This primer was prepared by Denise Casey (Human Genome Management Information System - Oak Ridge National
Laboratory) for the 1991-92 DOE Human Genome Program Report and modified for Web access by Dan Jacobson.
The primer is now being extensively revised and updated by HGMIS. 

I'd be interested in any other pointers people may have.

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In article <D0FBF0.z9 at ucc.su.OZ.AU>, ginster at magna.com.au writes:
|> I'm very interested in finding some good dictionaries in a form accessable
|> from on a computer, which give definitions of the words we would not
|> usually find in your normal dictionary. These definitions, pertaining
|> to biological sciences, and even geological sciences would be extreamly
|> useful to me and my research.
|> I am even offering to have this kind of thing available on the WWW, but
|> I need the text. Obviously this is a big request, but instead of starting
|> from scratch, I wondered if anyone here can help.
|>  any suggestions would be great. thanks in advance,
|> Ginny
|> ginster at magna.com.au

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