FORTRAN to programming flowchart

Ewald Bensch bensch at Informatik.TU-Muenchen.DE
Tue Dec 6 03:44:53 EST 1994


I'm surching for a tool with the subsequent spezification:

A FORTRAN-source-program (or C-program) should be visualised as a
programming flowchart.

The output should be possible into an ASCII-file, as a postscript-file
or as a screendump.

FORTRAN77 (or FORTRAN66) should be handled (if it can handle Fortran90,
it is perfectly qualified).

I'm mostly interested to visualise GOTO-branches and jumps, to detect
the programmflow.

If you know the name of such a tool, who sales it, how much must I pay
(public domain or licensed), then please give me answer via email to:

      bensch at sdm.de



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