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>We have experience in our lab using both DNAStar and Sequencher from
>Gene Codes. For the purposes of assembly and editing of sequences
>generated on the ABI, Sequencher has by far the best interface. This
>comes from the ability to view multiple stacked and aligned
>chromatograms for instant checking of discordant bases. While DNAStar
>allows viewing of chromatograms, they are not aligned and one wastes
>time searching for the base in question. In addition, Sequencher has an
>automatic vector removal feature which is very flexible, allowing one
>to define any sequence as "vector". We find this useful in removing our
>primer sequences prior to analysis. DNAStar comes with other modules
>which offer functionality beyond sequence assembly (and beyond what
>Sequencher provides), including good multiple alignment and primer
>picking tools. We generally do our sequence assembly and editing in
>Sequencher, then export text files to DNAStar for further analysis.

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