Refs 7.52: Bibliography software

Tim Cutts tjrc1 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Sun Dec 4 23:54:00 EST 1994

I have uploaded the new version of my Refs bibliography package to the
following sites:


and it should also appear, once it gets moved from the uploads
directory, at:


There is a World Wide Web page for Refs, from which you can obtain
screenshots, and of course the program itself:


Here follows the readme for the program:

Refs 7.52

03 December 1994


Refs is a program for creating browsing and maintaining academic
reference databases.  The program uses the common ASCII Unix refer file
format and so is compatible with Unix refer, and also bibliography programs
such as WinRefer.

Refs can also import data files in other formats, in an easily expandable
way.  Modules are supplied to read ISI, Chemical Abstracts, Current Contents
and Medline files, and the help file includes details for writing your own

Refs is shareware, and the distribution should contain the following files:

	REFS.EXE        The program itself
	REFS.HLP        The help file
	REFS.INI        INI file
	REFEN.DLL       English language DLL
	BIDS.FLT        BIDS (ISI) Import filter
	MEDLINE.FLT     Medline Import filter
	CHEM.FLT        Chemical Abstracts filter
	CCRM.FLT        Current Contents Reference Manager filter
	CTL3D.DLL       Microsoft 3D library
	INSTALL.EXE     Installation program
	INSTALL.INI     Installation INI file.
	TEST.REF        Example Unix refer data file
	README.TXT      This file

The program will work with Windows 3.1 or higher.


You will need PKUNZIP 2.04 or later to extract the ZIP file.

1. Extract this file into a spare directory.
2. Run INSTALL.EXE, which will install the program automatically.

NB.  INSTALL will notice an existing REFS.INI file and will back it up
if required.

Helpful suggestions, registrations and/or bug reports should be sent to:

tjrc1 at cus.cam.ac.uk

T J R Cutts
194, Vinery Rd

The registration fee is 30 pounds sterling, with discounts for multiple
registrations.  More details can be found in the help file.

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