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Richard Gordon gordonr at cc.UManitoba.CA
Sun Dec 4 06:47:17 EST 1994

International organization of theoretical biologists?
Dear Colleague:

We have been running a small Canadian Society Theoretical Biology (CSTB) 
for the past decade which has been attracting 1/3 international 
memberships. We charge only Can$25/yr for membership. We are at a 
critical juncture, needing new people to take active participation. With 
the cost of international travel and the lure of specialty conferences, 
it is difficult for us to get together physically. Yet there is a need 
for developing an intellectual community of like-minded scientists. 
Theoretical biologists are in a difficult position right now, perhaps 
analogous to theoretical physicists before quantum mechanics. There is 
great potential; we know the experimentalists need us; but in general 
they don't know that, and we have no niche.

We think it is time to rethink whether the CSTB should continue to 
identify itself as a Canadian organisation, or whether we should become 
more explicitly international. It seems that our common bond is not 
Canadian residency, but rather a common international interest in 
theoretical biology and a desire to communicate. The services we have 
been able to offer to our members include a Newsletter, reduced rate 
subscriptions to the Journal of Biological Systems, and an Email network. 
We need to redefine our role, keeping in mind that there already exist 
several other organisations with overlapping interests, such as the SMB 
(Society for Mathematical Biology). The distinction between theoretical 
biology and mathematical biology is discussed in:

Gordon, R. (1993). Careers in theoretical biology. Carolina Tips  56(3), 

which might be a good point for beginning our deliberations. If you would 
like a copy of this just send a request to Dick Gordon at 
GordonR at cc.UManitoba.ca

You are all encouraged to contribute to our discussion, whether or not 
you are a member of CSTB at the present time.  Please send your comments to
CSTB at biome.bio.ns.ca 
so that we can continue this discussion.  To join, send the message

subscribe cstb

to Majordomo at biome.bio.ns.ca

Dick Gordon, CSTB President
Department of Radiology, University of Manitoba
Room ON104, Health Sciences Centre, 820 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, MB R3A 1R9 Canada
Phone: (204) 787-1076,  Fax: (204) 783-8565,  E-mail: GordonR at cc.UManitoba.ca

Bill Silvert, CSTB Secretary/Treasurer
Habitat Ecology Division (HED), Bedford Inst. of Oceanography
P. O. Box 1006, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CANADA B2Y 4A2.  Tel. (902)426-1577
InterNet Address: silvert at biome.bio.ns.ca                Fax  (902)426-2256
HED runs a WWW server at URL=http://biome.bio.dfo.ca

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