Grateful Med under OS/2

Jeffrey Chisholm JWChish at AC.DAL.CA
Thu Dec 1 22:23:17 EST 1994

In article <94332.153831RROXBY at MAINE.MAINE.EDU>, Robert Roxby <RROXBY at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> says:
>Is anybody running Grateful Med under OS/2?  I just received the package
>and have not received a logon id yet, but the installation seems
>rather definate about having NCSA somethin-or-other telnet.
>I have the telnet that comes with IBM TCP/IP for OS/2 v 2.0.
>If experience is any guide, this will be a problem.  Like
>to have any experiences or advice, though.  Thanks,

Any telnet should do, although many don't support color ansi.

I'm not all that familiar with OS/2, but if it will run winsock
compliant aplications, the telnet client from Dart Communications is
the best I've seen.  I think it is either shareware or freeware and
available on many ftp sites. Alternatively you can email me for access
to it on my ftp site. The file is called vt220.exe.  The program, has
very nice easy on the eyes text and supports color ansi, keymapping
and a range of other useful features.  Also, the program seems much
more stable than other telnet clients I have run under windows.

BTW, I have a very fast link!!

Jeffrey Chisholm
Lipoprotein Research Group
Dept. of Biochemistry
Dalhousie Universiy
Halifax, N.S., Can.


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