Secondary structure prediction software

Rafael Iosef Najmanovich Szeinfeld {S szeinfel at SNFMA1.IF.USP.BR
Wed Aug 31 08:18:50 EST 1994

On Wed, 31 Aug 1994, Frank van de Loo wrote:

> May I suggest you try "Antheprot" which you can download by anonymous ftp from
> ibcp.fr, and runs a number of different algorithms.  Also, there are some
> e-mail servers for sec. structure prediction:
> Cheers,
> Frank van de Loo
> USDA/ARS, Lexington, KY

	I've tried to down load antheprot but I had some problem:

	1. there's a file caled 'about ANTHEPPROT (...)' that I can't 
retrieve using comand get.
	2. when I try to get ANTHEPROT ftp tells me that ANTHEPROT is not 
a plain text. 

	What can I do to be successful?
	where's the manual or something equivalent?
	is that program for DOS or what ?
	Thank's for your help.
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