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Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at pilot.msu.edu
Mon Aug 29 11:44:00 EST 1994

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> >> In article <33k9pe$q4q at mserv1.dl.ac.uk> you write:
> >> >In order to run the latest version of Mosaic (a 32 bit application), it
> >> >is necessary to load the Microsoft Win32s extensions. This worked fine
> >> >on a trusty old IBM 55SX 16Mhz 80386SX but I'm having trouble with my
> >> >new IBM clone 80486DX2-66 machine. The install procedure produced no
> >> >error messages so everything seemed fine. However, the Freecell game which
> >> >Microsoft provides as a way to test the system does not run and locks up
> >> >the system. Otherwise, windows seems to work okay. Until I sort this out
> >> >I will be unable to run Mosaic.
> >> >
> >> >Can anybody suggest a cure?
> >> 
> >> You could try WinWeb instead.  It looks similar to Mosaic
> >> and was as fast.  I didn't try and crash it, but it didn't
> >> fall over when I was playing with it.
> >> 
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> >Somebody locally was able to sort out the problem for me. It seems that
> >Microsoft (in their wisdom) have written the Win32s extensions so that
> >they only work with the Microsoft VGA or SVGA video drivers for Windows.
> >I had been using an S3 specific driver and that interferes with Win32s.
> >I do not know if the Microsoft SVGA256 driver works with Win32s as it
> >does not work with the S3 card and so I was unable to test the combination.
> >Perhaps somebody else can answer that one.
> >Thanks,
> >Raymond Dalgleish
> It does however work fin with my S3 graphics card, and I'm using the Orchid 
> supplied drivers.
> Adam
There seems to be some apparent contradiction between compatibility with 
different/same video drivers.  I am not using this program yet, but I have 
run into miscelenious incompatibilities and crashing problems that were 
related to the video card.  The problem has usually been related to memory
and memory usage.  GUI's are very V-RAM intensive.  Most people who buy a 
cheap SX with VGA system get a 256K V-RAM card.  This is often not sufficient,
and when the computer runs out of space, you crash.  Running a similar 256K
card with a different driver that takes up just a little more or less space
in the RAM can also make or break a system that is running just a little over
it's capacity.  Since V-RAM is separate from normal RAM, the problem does not
often show up as a memory problem.  I would recomend a minimum 1meg V-RAM
SVGA card for anyone running a GUI.  These cards can now be had for a mere
$69-.  You could go wild and get a 4meg, viper, VLB, non-interlaced for $500-
but that is not really necessary.  I should say that I don't know if this is 
the problem that you are experiencing.  What I am saying is that if you are 
running any program with a GUI, from Windows on up, then you should be running
a minimum 1meg VRAM, SVGA card or you will have occasional balks and crashes
and software incompatibility problems and generally annoying delays.  Good 
Leonard N. Bloksberg
bloksber at pilot.msu.edu

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