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In article <33rad8$288 at news.mic.ucla.edu>, Ron Kagan
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> I'm looking for a (preferably) Mac program that will analyze the 5'
> region of a C. elegans gene that I'm sequencing, and identify promoter
> candidates and other consensus sequences.
> Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Ron Kagan
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> Ron Kagan
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I recently tried out the IntelliGenetics' new Mac program called Geneworks.
It's excellent for what you are doing.  Contact Judith Farkas at
1-800-876-9994 (oops, that may be a FAX number, I'm not sure) and she'll
send you a free demo copy.   I think you'll like it!  It has other
capabilities as well, such as comparing multiple sequences against each
other and it has a real nice graphical interface...Good luck.  Oh, don't
forget to mention that you were referred to her by me.

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