Announcing C++ Graphing Package

JJAKOB at DELPHI.COM jjakob at news.delphi.com
Sat Aug 27 22:29:46 EST 1994

[The following may be of general interest to those requiring custom
graphing software in the Windows/Windows NT environment]

FREE DEMO -- ZGRAF C++ Graphing Toolkit 
The ZGRAF Toolkit is a library of C++ routines for producing
tech and scientific graphs under Windows 3.X/Windows NT.  Available 
graph styles include X/Y, Bar, Pie, Area, Ribbon, Scatter, Polar, Log, 2-D
Function, 3-D Surface Graphs, Smith Chart, and more!  The ZGRAF Toolkit
graph library is object-oriented, and utilizes the power of C++, but users
with only a basic understanding of 'C' can fully utilize this product. 
The toolkit sells for $30 (Personal Version) or $45 (Commercial Developer
Version) and includes full C++ library source code.

If you'd like to receive a free demo of the ZGRAF Toolkit, just send 
E-mail with your name/address/company info. (serious inquiries only, 

ZGRAF Software Products 
1831 Old Hickory Ct.
New Albany, IN 47150
Phone:  (812) 949-9524
BBS:    (812) 949-0416
Compuserve:  70742,1356
Internet:  jjakob at delphi.com

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