eukaryotic promoters/transcription factor binding sites

Sherri Matis matis at grail.epm.ornl.gov
Tue Aug 23 09:14:19 EST 1994

Yes, one can predict promoter sequences in human anonymous DNA sequence using
XGRAIL. XGRAIL is an X-windows based client/server system for analysis of 
anonymous human DNA sequences. It has the ability to predict exons, model the gene structure, predict polyA sites, predict TATA containing RNA pol II promoters, and find repetative elements. In conjunction with Genquest, one can query the protein and DNA
sequence data bases. About 60% of the TATA containing human promoters can be found 
with less than 1 FP/7 kb of DNA sequence.  

The XGRAIL client software is available via anonymous ftp at 

in the  pub/xgrail/sun/ver1.2 directory

You may first want to obtained the detailed help file.
send e-mail to grail at ornl.gov with `help' in the subject line.


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