IntelliGenetics Software Cost

Tue Aug 23 08:17:09 EST 1994

         An annual subscription to the on-line service run by IntelliGenetics
Inc., cost about $950 in 1993. This is fine for big labs with heavy use of the
service. So far this year I have only used about $400 worth, so that I will
have about $550 to carry over towards next year's usage. This fall I will have
to consider paying another $950 subscription, so that I will have about $1,500
of computing available. I anticipate use of only a fraction of this.

         In the past IntelliGenetics used to charge on a pay-as-you-use basis.
I was pretty slow in those days and I used up a lot of computer time. But now I
can get in and out of the programs very quickly. I use the service very
efficiently, but I am being penalized for this. Of course there are plenty of
alternatives to the IntelliGenetics package, but I rather like it and would
like to continue.

         Question. Has anyone any ideas on how to make IntelliGenetics more
reasonable? I suspect if they returned to the old system they would get more
small users, many of whom might eventually become big users. Obviously, they
have gone into the economics of the matter, but could their economic perspectiv
e have been a little short-sighted?

                                   Sincerely,   Don Forsdyke

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