NIH Grant forms? WordPerfect or MS-Word format.

John V. Weil weil_j at defiance.hsc.colorado.edu
Mon Aug 22 17:11:15 EST 1994

In article <1994Aug22.193113.1676 at emba.uvm.edu>, brianf at med.uvm.edu (Brian
Foley) wrote:

> I have heard that it is possible to get NIH grant forms
> on the net somewhere.  I want the forms in Microsoft Word
> or WordPerfect format, so I can fill them out on a computer,
> rather than having to use a typewriter.
> I have tried the NIH gopher and Anonymous FTP to 
> cu.nih.gov, without any luck.  
> Any suggestions?

They are found at: 
The ftp site is:  ftp.u.washington.edu
The directory is:  /pub/user-supported/templates

John V. Weil

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