DIBUG mailing list controversy

Soaring Bear bear at helium.gas.uug.arizona.edu
Sun Aug 21 21:23:33 EST 1994

In article <SRE.94Aug21095427 at al.cam.ac.uk>,
Sean Eddy <sre at al.cam.ac.uk> wrote:
>.....If Reinhard runs a mailing list, hey, he's a benevolent dictator
	Dibug is an international user group for users
of Biosym Inc. software started by someone else.   Dr Doelz
took on the role of reflector just a couple of years ago.
I have already expressed appreciation for his role but that
does NOT make it his list.

>I'd discuss it politely with him via email.
	As I stated in original post, I and others have done
so.   My polite, concilliatory, courteous email (I'll send a copy
if you really want to pursue this) got only 1 liner in reply:

	"I refer to talk in this style."

	That was the complete message.   You judge for yourself
what this means.   I understand refusal to communicate.
			Soaring Bear

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