DIBUG mailing list controversy

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Mon Aug 22 01:03:40 EST 1994

Soaring  Bear (bear at helium.gas.uug.arizona.edu) wrote:

: 	That was the complete message.   You judge for yourself
: what this means.   I understand refusal to communicate.
: 			Sincerely,
: 			Soaring Bear

Dear Soaring Bear, 
as you refuse to aplogize in public please let me just state for the sake 
of correctness that there was more than one message passing. Your reply 
to my first reaction (which was a long letter explaining the situation), which
you happen to forget quoting, was answered by you with a pushy mail, and since 
then we have numerous exchanges; the pattern is that Doelz explains and Bear 
keeps insulting. 

Please, would you be so kind and refer to our private mail conversation rather
than continue to bother a list which has been not involved in any stage of this 

Reinhard Doelz

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