Please ignore (Re: New Blocks Database and Web server - looks really great!!!)

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Sun Aug 21 02:27:23 EST 1994

Soaring  Bear (bear at helium.gas.uug.arizona.edu) wrote:

:         It happens that this same gentleman, Dr. Reinhard Doelz,
: who is introducing this 'uncensored' resource, is currently
: censoring another 'unmoderated' group.


:         Dr. Doelz has refused to answer my polite protest.  I


:         Do any of you dear readers have any ideas where
: I turn to get dibug back on line?

Yes. May I recommed to come back to science, and read alt.flame for 
followups. I have replied to this individual, and try to do my best 
to allow for a noisyless research communication. dibug will come up 
shortly, with reposting all non-flame messages, as announced to the 
subscribers of the list.Postings like this which violate netiquette 
are the reason for the Internet to be endangered as useful resource 
for scientists. Who wants to read flaming over and over again? 

Apologies to all readers of this group. The GOPHER server for dibug
is on-line,  so  everyone  might inspect conversations on the dibug
list to get  an own impression of the rather  useless contributions



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