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As nothing is more temporal then the availability of free, highly-valued, 
massive and seamless data access, this newsgroup to announce changes, updates, 
developments and questions in the area of networked information access 
and retrieval has been established. 

The Newsgroup bionet.software.www is archived, as all newsgroups, at the
net.bio.net site, and available to be browsed like any other newsgroup 
archive (see regular postings). This newsgroup, additionally, keys 
contributions in 'html' documents so that links are resolved in the 
'hypertext' system, and may point to the contribution of the originator, 
or the subject of the message, respectively. This server runs at the 
Biocomputing Facility of Basel University. The URL for this server is 


and has the following structure: 

    Contributions to the Group [this is a chronological, marked-up page] 

            - same, sorted by four sub-areas

    Keith Robison's WWW Server Index page [Link to the site where all
                               bio-www servers are registered]. 

bionet.software.www encourages all interested parties to communicate their 
information on this subject. Its purpose is to announce, and inform on, new 
achievements on information servers, archives and resources which offer data 
and/or services in the biology/medicine/related area which can be accessed 
via electronic networked information retrieval software. Proposals and 
discussions of these with respect to new strategies and tools, as well as 
links to contributions dealing with issues of performance and quality of 
networked information in Biology shall inform and invite to participate. 

The newsgroup is moderated in order to allow noise reduction and mark-up 
for the hypertext version. If you submit an article and would like to include
links, keep in mind that these are possible for www, gopher, ftp and any 
other gateway you might have built on these protocols yourself. We will try 
to incoporate links into the posted text on the W3 server wherever possible. 
If you need help to set up these links in your posting let us know. (Address 
info at ch.embnet.org). 

The 'chronological' listings will get out of date sooner or later. We 
currently anticipate to keep monthly grouped html pages (volume permitting), 
and possibly introduce subareas to the four main areas of topics if required.
As our resources are possibly limited, we will validate html links on a 
periodic basis but will not be able to ensure that all links are always 

Reinhard Doelz
Florian Eggenberger
Chris Wadley 

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