DIBUG mailing list controversy

Sean Eddy sre at al.cam.ac.uk
Sun Aug 21 09:54:27 EST 1994

In article <336i9r$mkq at news.CCIT.Arizona.EDU> bear at helium.gas.uug.arizona.edu (Soaring  Bear) writes:
  >America may seem unruly sometimes, but our democracy
  >is based on freedom of thought and expression, which has
  >also provided for a great deal of scientific creativity.
  >We cannot tolerate censorship based on one person's

Hate to break this to you, but the Internet is an international
resource, not an American one. It currently runs under a chaotic
system of Western democracy, medieval feudalism, and flat-out anarchy.
Policy is determined by what seems fair and reasonable at the time to
busy, intelligent people.

If Reinhard runs a mailing list, hey, he's a benevolent dictator. I'd
be nice to him if I were you. :) If I had a problem with his actions,
I'd discuss it politely with him via email. Brandishing the American
constitution at him as a substitute for considerate discussion is not
going to be too impressive from where he sits in Switzerland.

- Sean Eddy
- MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, England
- sre at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk

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