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In article <1994Aug20.072640.3794 at comp.bioz.unibas.ch>,
Reinhard Doelz <doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch> wrote:
>As nothing is more temporal then the availability of free,
>massive and seamless data access, a newsgroup to announce changes,
>developments and questions in the area of networked information access
>and retrieval has been established recently.
> The URL for this server is                                          
>        http://www.ch.embnet.org/bio-www/info.html
>bionet.software.www encourages all interested parties to communicate
>information on this subject.
>Reinhard Doelz


        I'm sorry this is so long but it's a critical issue
dealing with the very essence of communications and so needs
this background and quotations.  If I knew a better way to
convey this I would, but my reasoned and polite personal
communications has failed.

        It happens that this same gentleman, Dr. Reinhard Doelz,
who is introducing this 'uncensored' resource, is currently
censoring another 'unmoderated' group.
        Dibug user group, a mail reflector (statedly unmoderated)
for Biosym Inc's molecular modeling software users, is managed by
Dr. Doelz.    When some slightly spirited discussion
occurred during mid August (which for that group means 3-4
messages per day of under 1 page each, giving specific
examples) Dr. Doelz called it "emotional flair" and a
"flame war" and closed down the whole group for a month!!

        Dr. Doelz directly admitted to censoring the group
in this statement:

"I apologize for the need to act as censor in this situation"

        Here are some more exerpts of his statement of Aug 16:


"In order to cool down, the mail subscription will be stopped until
September 15, in order to allow for a month's recovery."

"Please consider the originators of the emotional arguments to
be the reason for the trouble, and refer from flaming."

        Dr. Doelz has refused to answer my polite protest.  I
don't know what he's done with others' protests since we're out of
touch with each other now.
        I wouldn't have gone public with this so quickly except that
here he is introducing another, supposedly, 'uncensored' resource at
same time as actively censoring one.   It is curious that on the very
day as the shutdown, he was expressing his own style of 'emotional
flair' about data encryption on another, unrelated, group.

Dr. Doelz stated on bionet.molbio.genbank #271:

"Despite the respect which I owe the NCBI and similar US organizations
let me comment that we follow this development with great concern."
"It is extremely unfortunate to see things like this happen, and get
carried into biocomputing."
"Back to the US/EUrope stoneage of competition?"

        I wish I weren't in the position of making an enemy here,
but my sense of fairness and openness of communications is tormented
by such blatant, outright censorship on this public information
highway which was borne out of American freedom and creativity.
So I feel compelled to bring these facts out to the sunshine of
public scrutiny.   It is unfortunate (perhaps even tragic) that
appreciation for Dr. Doelz's scientific accomplishments and
his management of information servers is counterbalanced by
this censorship situation.
        America may seem unruly sometimes, but our democracy
is based on freedom of thought and expression, which has
also provided for a great deal of scientific creativity.
We cannot tolerate censorship based on one person's

        Do any of you dear readers have any ideas where
I turn to get dibug back on line?

Yours truly,
Soaring Bear

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