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Rob Wiltshire  <Rob.Wiltshire at plant.utas.edu.au> wrote:

>Hi, I need some help finding some interactive software (hopefully on a Mac
>platform) to provide first year undergraduates with some tutorial
>assistance.  If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear from you. 

An exceptionally energetic gentleman by the name of John Jungck at 
Beloit College in Illinois is spearheading a project called "BioQUEST". 
They have produced a number of slick hypercard stacks for the Mac that did 
teaching simulations on various biological subjects. I believe they are 
aimed at undergraduates and there is one on Mendelian Genetics. I also read 
recently that they are now available on CD. 

The info on the announcement I saw (May 1992) said to contact:

       Academic Software Development Group
       University of Maryland,
       College Park, MD 20742
       (ASDG at UMDD.BITNET)

Good luck.
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