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In <lwetzler.2.000FD7DC at acs.bu.edu>, lwetzler at acs.bu.edu (Lee M. Wetzler) writes:
>Any recommendations for plasmid drawing software for the PC, especially for 

The software you're looking for is "CLONE 4" and "ENHANCE" from Scientific & Educational 
Software, P.O. Box 440, State Line, PA 17263, USA; (717) 597-5307. These run under DOS with a 
graphic user interface, and will be available soon for Windows. CLONE is a cloning simulation 
program: it does all steps of cloning electronically, including making blunt ends, etc. It also
does restriction maps, finds open reading frames, etc. The user interface is intuitive and the 
program is robust. I (and all my students) have used it since version 1 and cannot imagine life
without it. CLONE reads the features table from Genbank or EMBL entries and positions those 
genes "in" the plasmid. Genes or markers you add are also saved with the sequence, and all 
sequence coordinated are recalculated correctly when any cloning manipulations are performed. 
CLONE by itself will draw pretty reasonable plasmid maps. For true publication-quality
figures and multiple-plasmid drawings, use ENHANCE, which takes CLONE files and lets you 
manipulate all aspects of the images.

The program developer is a Ph.D. molecular biologist who worked on phage lambda (with Noreen 
Murray, if I recall), and got into software as a sideline. The programming is really 
first-rate, and he is very responsive to user input.

I suggest calling SES and getting a brochure and demo disk. Prices are reasonable for software 
of this quality -- about $ 200 to $400 each. Departmental site licenses (unlimited users) are 
available for less than the cost of two single user licenses.

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