Vector NTI Demo Available for FTP

Sergei Egorov esl at informax.digex.net
Wed Aug 17 14:36:06 EST 1994

***** Vector NTI 2.0 for Windows Demo Version Now Available for FTP ******

Vector NTI does the following: 

o Designs new genetic molecules automatically using artificial intelligence

o Recommends optimum cloning steps working as an expert with 3000 rules

o Allows you to adjust Vector NTI's designing capabilities/rules individually

o Performs advanced PCR analysis, comprehensive oligo-analysis, finds
  sequencing primers, creates hybridization probes

o Imports/exports molecules in GenBank, EMBL and ASCII formats (not included
  in Demo)

o Transfers changes made to molecules in child/parent trees

o Creates restriction and functional maps, searches for ORFs and motifs

o Has professional database of molecules and oligos with management and
  searching capabilities

o Runs dynamic electrophoresis so that you can predict run time

o Provides excellent graphics and publication quality printing

o Works with molecules up to 2 billion base pairs without limits to the
  number of molecules;

Performs as your personal work organizer:
  - to conveniently arrange large number of molecules, 
  enzymes, oligos, and gel markers;
  - to search through the database and localize required molecules 
  and oligos. 
  - to form groups of data, putting molecules or enzymes in convenient 
Vector NTI is currently used at NIH, FDA, Walter Reed, Universities, major
pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes. Informax has 
customers in 27 countries and provides worldwide customer support. 
Demo contains the Presentation that runs automatically within 10-25 min.
After you run the Presentation you may try Vector NTI yourself.  

*********** Installation ************

1. Download the following files from ftp.bio.indiana.edu:/Incoming
using binary mode FTP.

2. Place all three files to a root directory of your PC (C:\ or D:\).

3. Run the self-extracting archive files (vntd-demo.exe and vntp-demo.exe)
from the DOS prompt and answer Yes to all questions.
The two directories will be created: VNTD and VNTP. The first directory 
contains Vector NTI Demo distribution files, the second contains Vector NTI 

4. Once you extracted archive files, you could delete vntd-demo.exe and
5. Start Windows and choose Run from the Program Manager File menu. 
Type the full name of extracted SETUP.EXE program from VNTD directory,
including the drive and directory name (e.g., C:\VNTD\SETUP), 
and follow the instructions. When asked to define the location of the second 
installation disk, enter the name of the presentation directory (e.g., 
For further information contact us: 
InforMax, Inc., 
P.O.Box 2926, 
Gaithersburg, MD 20886 
Tel:  (301)216-0586 
Fax: (301)216-0087 
E-mail:  Internet:   alext at access.digex.net 
         Compuserve: 76620.2735 at compuserve.com 
InforMax Development Team

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