encryption of Blast e-mail searches?

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Tue Aug 16 12:26:24 EST 1994

Herve Recipon (recipon at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov) wrote:
: In article 2J0 at phibred.com, brookerg at phibred.com (Glenn Brooke) writes:
: !>     Can anyone please point me towards information about encrypting
: !>BLAST e-mail searches?  I'd also be interested in hearing from anyone

: And as usual ... Happy BLASting !

OH NO!    :-( 


: 'rsa.license' and by USA export regulations.  Due to Federal export
: restrictions on data encryption software, the RIPEM source code and
: software may not be distributed outside of the U.S.A. and Canada.

Despite the respect which I owe the NCBI and similar US organizations
let me comment that we follow this development with great concern. I am 
very much interested to implement cryptographic methods in our HASSLE 
software package, which does also BLAST searches, in order to move 
towards standards rather than rely on our proprietary encryption which 
we employ now. Any cryptography on the 'accepted' type of public implementa-
tion (RSA, PGP, IDEA, etc) is severely hindered by these clauses which 
are meant to keep secrets to those who deserve to claim being the 

It is extremely unfortunate to see things like this happen, and get carried
into biocomputing. As it implies that possible future access for those 
who don't want ascii text send around will become impossible if encryption 
is 'standard'. 

Back to the US/EUrope stoneage of competition? 

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