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In article 55q at ionews.io.org, taob at io.org (Brian Tao) writes:
>     I should perhaps clarify my original post a bit... I don't need to
> edit the EPS files themselves.  All I want is a package that will allow
> me to place bitmap representations of them on a page, resize and
> reposition them, and draw arrows and other annotation on the page.
> Specifically, I have twelve EPS figures I want to combine on a single
> page, reduced from their original size with arrows between them (it's
> a chemical reaction pathway).  Sorry about the confusion.
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If I understand what you want to do, this can be accomplished easily in 
OpenWindows on a Sparcstation. First, preview your .eps file using a 
previewer like GhostScript or Pageview. In OpenWindows, choose (from the 
workspace menu):

Programs ->

In case  you've never used Snapshot, this tool lets you choose any window, 
or region of the screen, or even the entire screen, and save it as a
bitmapped image in a Sun raster file. These files are directly readable
by xv, tgif, xfig, and even WordPerfect for Unix. I haven't tried it,
but I would suspect that CorelDraw for Unix can also read Sun rasterfiles.

If you want to do anything to the image, xv is probably your best bet.
xv can save images in a number of formats, including .gif, .jpeg, .xbm,
PostScript etc. It can also convert color images to monochrome, although
that's not always good. xv can also resize and crop images. It is a good
general purpose tool for manipulating bitmapped graphics.

I hope this helps.

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