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Dean Pentcheff dean at tbone.biol.scarolina.edu
Fri Aug 12 09:37:25 EST 1994

jtn2 at email.psu.edu (Jason Newman) writes:
>Hi.  Is there anyway to access the life sciences version of Current
>Contents via the net?  I heard there was a place to telnet to to get to
>it, but I don't know the address.  Also, is there a version of Current
>Contents on Diskette client for the Mac?  Thanks in advance for any
>Jason Newman

A similar, but not identical, service is provided by CARL.  To use it,
telnet to database.carl.org and access the "Uncover" service.
Searching if free.  Moreover (also for free), you can set up a user
profile and have journal contents automatically emailed to you as they
become available.

If this sounds too good to be true, it isn't.  The way they make money
on this is by also offering to fax copies of any article to you.  You
can set up an account and then just indicate which articles to have
sent to you.

Quite a handy service!

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