How to Get Blast Reference(s) and/or Documentation...

Uwe Rossbach 22473mgr at msu.edu
Thu Aug 11 16:42:08 EST 1994

In article <32bn77$t3r at triton.unm.edu>, varela at unm.edu says:
>I apoligize if this is a FAQ.  I made a Blast search, the results of 
>which we are about to publish.  Naturally I would like to give credit to 
>those who wrote the program, etc.  So my question is: what is the 
>reference I should use?  Is there in fact a paper to cite?
>Also, since I've lost my documentation about Blast (which is why I'm 
>asking these questions), how can I retrieve any documentation about it?
>Gophering around didn't work.
>Thanks in advance!!!
>Manuel F. Varela, PhD Student             Internet: mvarela at medusa.unm.edu
>Cell Biology Department                             varela at triton.unm.edu
>Cancer Research and Treatment Center               
>UNM School of Medicine                    Bitnet: mvarela at medusa
>Albuquerque, NM 87131                             varela at bootes
Try send a Email to blast at ncbi.nlm.nih.edu with no sub. and only the word
help in the body of the message. The server will send you a manual.

Uwe Rossbach at 22473mgr at msu.edu

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