How to Get Blast Reference(s) and/or Documentation...

Keith Robison robison at lipid.harvard.edu
Wed Aug 10 22:41:42 EST 1994

varela at unm.edu wrote:
: I apoligize if this is a FAQ.  I made a Blast search, the results of 
: which we are about to publish.  Naturally I would like to give credit to 
: those who wrote the program, etc.  So my question is: what is the 
: reference I should use?  Is there in fact a paper to cite?

Altschul, SF, W Gish, W Miller, EW Myers, and DJ Lipman.  1990. JMB 214:1-8.
	Basic local alignment search tool.

This citation should be in the header from a BLAST search.

: Also, since I've lost my documentation about Blast (which is why I'm 
: asking these questions), how can I retrieve any documentation about it?
: Gophering around didn't work.

If you have only gopher around, try Amos Bairoch's SeqAnalRef on

You might also try NCBI's gopher/FTP server
though I think you have to get the entire BLAST distribution

If you have access to the WWW (e.g. via Mosaic), then take a look
directly at NCBI's server


where there is a page on BLAST. Or, take a look at my little write-up on BLAST



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