GDE 2.1 crashes my linux

John Gillespie john at myhost.subdomain.domain
Wed Aug 10 12:56:49 EST 1994

I am using GDE 2.1 under linux 1.0.9 (from the slackware 2.0
distribution).  It does some things well, like opening files and
editing, but crashes when it runs external functions like clustalv or
those in phylip.  When running clustalv, for example, the x server
just hangs, requiring a reboot.  Sometimes it semi-hangs and I can see
that clustalv is grabbing 90% of the cpu on an alignment task that
takes seconds when given the sequences independent of gde.

Does GDE need to be recompiled with newer libraries.  Does anyone else
have problems under a recent slackware release?  Is GDE under current
development?  Speak to me!


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