Here's the WWW URL for BLAST DNA sequence searching

Danny Newton afrinl at honc.mhs.musc.edu
Wed Aug 10 15:27:59 EST 1994

Since I've been receiving so many e-mail queries on the subject, I 
figured I'd just post the following info for everybody to see.

The direct URL for BLAST DNA sequence searching is:


However, for first-time users, I recommend linking into this page 
indirectly via NLM's HyperDoc page, available at URL:


There's a link on this page to NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology 
Information), and the links from there on to the actual sequence 
searching page ought to be obvious.  This route will allow you to browse 
through a lot of other great resources available from NLM and NCBI, so 
you might find some other interesting things out along the way to the 
BLAST page.

Have fun!

-- LBA

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