"Flat tape format"?

Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Tue Aug 9 15:24:33 EST 1994

Chris Jones (Chris.Jones at nottingham.ac.uk) wrote:
: We use the Hitachi DNA analysis software package DNASIS and I always have 
: trouble importing DNA files I pull off using Gopher. When I asked Hitachi
: they 
: told me that I should be able to do it if I download in "flat tape format". 
: Does anyone know what this is and how I ensure that I down load my files 
: using 
: it? I should saw that I use Hgopher and usually go in via the Oxford Mol Biol 
: gopher.

	They mean "flat file" format.  That is the format that GenBank 
"entries" are stored on magnetic tapes.  It is the most common form
for GenBank entries over the past 10 years or so.  
	"Flat file" means that the information is stored as a string
of text.  Other file formats can include complex "links" to indices and
so on, so they are more like a database than a list of entries.
	You might be "pulling off" the entries in GenBank flat file
format now.  Your problem may have something to do with your downloading
procedure.  Are you sure the files are being downloaded onto you computer
as ASCII text files, and no "mail headers" or anything are added to them? 
What error message does DNASIS gove you?
	Call DNASIS back and get better info.  You paid for their
software didn't you?

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