NetEntrez crashing Sun X!

Jerry Learn learn at smaug.ucr.edu
Tue Aug 9 11:45:36 EST 1994

In article 34058 at hulaw1.harvard.edu, robison at lipid.harvard.edu (Keith Robison) writes:
>I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem.  Sometimes
>when I attempt to start NetEntrez on my Sun (1+), it crashes out
>the window server (olwm).  The problem seems to have some correlation
>with what I choose for foreground & background colors, and perhaps
>with whether I've run other software first (Mosaic using up
>my color map?).  I've also had some other X software do this,
>and a colleague just had it happen on their machine with Entrez.
>Has anyone else encountered a similar problem?  I apologize for
>the sketchy details, but I haven't had the patience yet to try
>to exhaustively investigate this.


I've had similar problems, but they are nearly so intermittent as to defy 
description.  About a year ago when I switched from olwm to olvwm (OPEN LOOK 
virtual window manager), it very consistently crashed the window manager.  If 
I used olwm it would work.  I contacted Jonathan Gold at NCBI and he provided 
some sort of fixed version of the Sun Nentrez binary.  I seem to remember 
display crashes similar to yours since then, but as I said they were 
intermittent.  My recollection is that they might have been related to color 
allocation.  The only other X software that I have seen behave this way was 
when I recently tried running BoB (the Blast output Browser, also from NCBI). 
The program crashed due to a configuration problem (mine, not theirs) and 
brought down olvwm with it.  Once I fixed my configuration problem, it 
worked fine.  

If there is a bottom line to this discussion, it might be to contact the folks 
at NCBI.  They might have a better line on such intermittent problems, since 
they are dealing with so many users.  I have always found them very helpful. 

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