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Justin Diachun diachun at arris.com
Mon Aug 8 17:27:14 EST 1994

In article <vern-0608941115200001 at mac114.biodata.com> vern at BioData.COM (Vernon Keenan) writes:
>In article <31o5luINNgd3 at sat.ipp-garching.mpg.de>,
>jiang at alf.biochem.mpg.de (Weiping Jiang) wrote:
>> Hi, there!
>> Is the version(MacX 1.2) of the communication tool(MacTCP Tool) for Macintosh
>> current? Is MacTCP Tool(MacX 1.2) a free software? Where can I get it?
>The current version of MacTCP is 2.0.4. I suspect the version you have
>(1.2) works OK, but it has a rather serious bug in Domain Name Service.
>This makes Mosaic and other neato Internet programs crash.

I found that our version of MacX came with MacTCP 2.00, but there is
an update program available for ftp from ftp.austin.apple.com that
will upgrade 2.00 or 2.02 up to 2.04.  The URL to download it is:


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