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Sat Aug 6 13:13:03 EST 1994

In article <31o5luINNgd3 at sat.ipp-garching.mpg.de>,
jiang at alf.biochem.mpg.de (Weiping Jiang) wrote:

> Hi, there!
> Is the version(MacX 1.2) of the communication tool(MacTCP Tool) for Macintosh
> current? Is MacTCP Tool(MacX 1.2) a free software? Where can I get it?

The current version of MacTCP is 2.0.4. I suspect the version you have
(1.2) works OK, but it has a rather serious bug in Domain Name Service.
This makes Mosaic and other neato Internet programs crash.

When System 7.5 for Macintosh comes out it will have the latest version of
MacTCP built into the operating system (finally!). Until then, any Apple
authorized reseller can order TCP/IP Connection from the Apple price list
for you. The list price is only US$25 or so.

Note that this defies the popular myth you can't really get MacTCP from
Apple resellers. In fact, a 20 user pack is only around US$125 and you get
SNMP agents to boot!

A popular way to get a recent copy of MacTCP in the U.S. is to buy the
book The Internet Starter Kit by Adam Engst. It's got a Macintosh disk
with Mosaic and other Internet tools that require MacTCP.


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