MacTCP Tool version

Darrell Root rootd at ohsu.edu
Sun Aug 7 17:59:41 EST 1994

> A popular way to get a recent copy of MacTCP in the U.S. is to buy the
> book The Internet Starter Kit by Adam Engst. It's got a Macintosh disk
> with Mosaic and other Internet tools that require MacTCP.

The internet starter kit is a great way to get the MacTCP stuff.
Be advised, however, that NCSA just released revision 6 of
their alphatest macmosaic client (revision 2 had many problems,
revision 3 caused hard crashes and was removed from the ftp site,
revisions 4 and 5 were never released to the public--just last week
revision 6 came out).

I haven't installed MacMosaic revision 6 yet, but I hope it's more
stable than the revision-2's I've seen.

My point is, if you get the Internet starter kit, I'll bet it has
an old version of macMosaic, and that you might want to pick up
a more recent one (anonymous ftp from ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu).

Darrell Root
rootd at ohsu.edu

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