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Brian Foley brianf at med.uvm.edu
Sat Aug 6 17:24:42 EST 1994

Alexander Schuetzle (Schuetzle at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de) wrote:
: 	Hi all,

: 	I have some  questions  about  standardisation  efforts in the 
: 	genom research (biology).

: 	Are  there  any  exact  and  unique  definitions (syntax) for
: 	the dataobjects ( like genes,  chromosomes,  . . . )  in  the 
: 	genom research?

: 	Are there some kinds of methods to handle these objects, i.e.
: 	how to represent ( graphical, textual, ...) them and so else?

: 	If  you  know some (de facto) standards or conventions please 
: 	inform  me  or give  some  hints where I can get some further
: 	informations!

	Well GenBank at NCBI (the United States National 
Center for Biotechnology Information) has ONE set of standards
and routines for using them.  I beleive they collaborate with
some of the Genome Databases in developing these standards, 
but I'm not absolutely sure that they do.  The people who
run OMIM, GDB and other databases may have different standards
and routines.

	For GenBank information:
The DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank Feature Table: Definition, Version 1.06,
World Wide Web
Universal Record Locator (URL)

	Also avaiable there are a set of C progamming language 
routines for dealing with "objects" defined in the ASN.1

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