G. Steven Ferris sferris at lps.esu18.k12.ne.us
Fri Aug 5 14:22:13 EST 1994

In article <31pd1d$75i at zippo.uwasa.fi> Nikolaj Pecenko,
okapi at freeport.uwasa.fi writes:
>I would like to collect as many biology related CD-ROM titles as
>I mean, only titles:-)
>I know about Multimedia Encyclopedia of Mammalian Biology (in fact I
have this
>one and I can say it is excelent). I also know about Animals! (San Diego
>Mammals (Natl. geographics), Multimedia Animals Encyclopedia and that's
>I figure there must be some more of them, so if you know one, please let
me know. Thanks.

Greetings from the Great Plains of North America. 
You might consider the CIA World Fact Book CD-ROM (ca $39.00) for
bio-geographical information, the TimeLine of Science and Technology (ca
$50.00) for earth history and tech-history, and the Mayo Family Health
Book CD-ROM (ca $70.00) for human biology/health information.  Good luck
to you!

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