OLGCG.....the GUI for the GCG program....who has it!!?!

John Hanh Nguyen nguyenj at cs.ucdavis.edu
Fri Aug 5 11:53:41 EST 1994

Gregory Quinn Ph.D. (gquinn at NICK.MED.USF.EDU) wrote:
: Does anyone have any more info on OLGCG, the GUI for GCG.
: I have Emailed Scott Sammons at Emory (bcresas at bimcore.emory.edu) for some
: information on this, but have heard nothing yet.

: Does anyone know any more about this?

Yes, I sent him email on this matter a while back.
Here is a little cut and paste of Scott's response:

Our GUI was written in C for Solaris 2.3 using a
developers program called devGuide.  It uses the OPENLOOK interface
seemed like a good choice at the time, but which Sun is dropping
support for)
and the Xview library.  Be aware that GCG is about to release version
(within the next couple of months) of their software which includes a
motif-based GUI that will work on several platforms (VAX, SGI,
I currently have a beta copy and it does seem to include all the 
functionality that ours has.

If you have access to mosaic, you can use this address to
get more information:


John N

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