CAI/CBT and Internet

Jon Maber bmb6jrm at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Aug 4 04:43:43 EST 1994

>     Are any Netters aware of a Mosaic Home Page (or other
>interface) that provides "online and real-time" access and
>use of computer-aided instruction (CAI) or computer-based
>training (CBT) sessions (of any type)?

>Please respond to me, or to the list or newsgroup.

I am currently developing a CAL package on the Web.  It is
a WWW version of A.G.Booth's Case Notes in Preclinical

Perhaps I should introduce myself.  I work for BioNet TLTP -
no relation to biosci bionet.  TLTP is the U.K.'s Teaching and
Learning Technology Project.  Our consortium's aim is the
effective implementation of CAL in our courses and
dissemination of best practice.

I've become interested in W3 recently and we have set up
an experimental W3 service to explore ways in which it
could help meet our objectives.

Many of my fellow teachers are sceptical about W3 as a
teaching tool because they, like me, believe that education is
about far more than just soaking up information.    However,
although WWW is a powerful source of information,  it is capable
of being much more.

So to convince myself that WWW can be as interactive as any
other delivery platform for CAL I set about writing WWW Case Notes.
Case Notes was designed by Andrew Booth (Now BioNet TLTP
director) to teach Biochemistry in a Clinical Setting.  Patient
notes are presented and tests can be requested.  The program is
sensitive to the context in which information is requested and will
warn or rebuke the student as appropriate.  For example, if you
ask for a liver biopsy before you have examined the patient you
receive a stern reply.  It is also possible to kill a patient.  E.g.
if the patient is suffereing from low blood glucose any procedures
that involve fasting may be fatal.  Eventually a diagnosis is 

Keeping track of many simultaneous sessions is a real serious
programming problem but it is solved and seems to work effectively.

To try out the experimental WWW Case Notes patient 'Peter' go
to our home page and turn off to our discussion area.  URL:


Jon Maber

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