[?] UNIX sequence editor [?]

Eric Cabot ecec at quads.uchicago.edu
Tue Aug 2 19:03:45 EST 1994

I agree with Brian Fristensky's comments regarding GDE. It is a
great application. The main problem regarding GDE, though,
is that it requires X-windows, to which many, if not most,
of us do not have access.  

With respect to S. Bunka's original query:
> Where can I find a (the sources) sequence editor like "esee"
> for U*IX (Linux; gcc / ansi compiler) ?  

I can offer only a little help. I'd be glad to send the 
Esee source code to anyone who wants to take a stab a writing
a version for their favorite platform. Unfortunately,
Esee is not written in any flavor of C, it is in (Borland) Pascal.

 Eric Cabot

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