BLAST searching finally works with Win3.1 Mosaic!

Lawrence B. Afrin, M.D. afrinl at honc.mhs.musc.edu
Tue Aug 2 19:01:45 EST 1994

Howdy, netters,

Just thought y'all'd like to know...

Forgive me if I'm telling you something you already know, but I thought 
this was fairly significant molecular biology software news from the 
World Wide Web front: the latest NCSA Mosaic for Windows release (July 
27th, version 2.0 alpha 6) now allows successful BLAST searching from the 
Win3.1/WfW/WinNT platform!  Previously, with versions 2.0 alpha 2 through 
alpha 5, you could get as far as displaying the form and entering your 
search parameters, but when you clicked on Submit, you would never get a 
response back -- no answers, no error messages, nothing.  But with alpha 
6 -- hurrah! -- you get the appropriate BLAST response.  (Quiet, now, all 
of you HyperBLASTing Mac'ers out there who are laughing your heads off at 
how behind-the-times we IBM'ers are.)  From the little bit of testing 
I've just finished with alpha 6 and BLAST, it looks like the BLAST folks 
could maybe tweak the HTML output a bit to improve the formatting of the 
response, but all in all, it's a 1,000% improvement over no response at 

Other improvements in alpha 6: plugging a memory leak which was causing 
(at least for my installation) serious performance degradation when 
retrieving *large* pages; a noticeable improvement in speed; elimination 
of some of the more serious page-display bugs; and significant bug fixes 
in page printing when using HP Laserjet drivers (the hardcopy is now 
pretty much readable, rather than being a candidate for "Portrait of the 
Month" at the Museum of Modern Art).

Just sent a complimentary message to mosaic-win at ncsa.uiuc.edu -- maybe 
you other WinMosaic users should, too, if you feel like I do about alpha 

Have fun!

Larry Afrin, M.D.
afrinl at honc.mhs.musc.edu
Hollings Cancer Center
Medical University of South Carolina

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