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Alexander Schuetzle Schuetzle at informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Tue Aug 2 18:30:23 EST 1994

	Hi all,

	I have some  questions  about  standardisation  efforts in the 
	genom research (biology).

	Are  there  any  exact  and  unique  definitions (syntax) for
	the dataobjects ( like genes,  chromosomes,  . . . )  in  the 
	genom research?

	Are there some kinds of methods to handle these objects, i.e.
	how to represent ( graphical, textual, ...) them and so else?

	If  you  know some (de facto) standards or conventions please 
	inform  me  or give  some  hints where I can get some further

	Thank you for your kind cooperation

	Alexander Schuetzle


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