algorithm for counting peaks

Michael J. Edelman mje at pookie.pass.wayne.edu
Tue Aug 2 14:34:25 EST 1994

I've been asked to write a program that will read time-series data consisting
of counts of events per period, and output the numbers of peaks in a given 
specified time interval. The Tricky part is in defining what constitutes a peak. 

The researchers are using some canned package from Data Translation that doesn't 
perform this task; they've been eyeballing the data up until now. It's been 
about 16 years since I did any work in electrophysiology where I used to do
this kind of coding, so I'm at a loss where to start. 

Can someone direct me to a good reference, or perhaps suggest a simple algorithm?
We may also have to deal with a shifting baseline in the data as well.


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